Marc Goldberg started training dogs when he was a boy and has not stopped since. He and his first dog, Gus, won multiple awards together for their excellence in obedience, but it was this experience that taught Marc how the relationship between us and our dogs benefits everyone.

His method of dog training is about creating a deep relationship with your dog and understanding on both sides. This is not about teaching commands or controlling behaviors. Instead, when you have the right foundation and approach, the dream dog – well behaved, loving, and rewarding – will follow.

Online Dog Training with Professional Dog Trainer Marc Goldberg

Since his first training experience, Marc has become a sought-after dog trainer and expert in the field. Throughout his more than 50 years of experience, Marc has personally trained hundreds of dogs and worked with owners ranging from families to sports stars. Based in Chicago, he offers training and dog boot camps. He has also co-authored books with the Monks of New Skete, The Art of Training Your Dog and Let Dogs Be Dogs, to give dog owners everywhere training guidance in training their dogs and strengthening their relationships.

Now Marc is bringing his training expertise to clients around the world with virtual dog training. Our dog training through Zoom has all of the same benefits of training one-on-one with Marc and can address a range of challenges from basic obedience and puppy training to separation anxiety and aggression.

Marc will use his knowledge of dog training and the information you provide about your dog to provide customized training solutions, sharing the concepts and training exercises you will work on to achieve the perfect dog – all from the comfort of your own home.

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