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Online Dog Training from Marc Goldberg

Marc Goldberg, Co-Author of Let Dogs Be Dogs and The Art of Training Your Dog, Offers Personalized Dog Training via Zoom or Other Online Video Service. Schedule a Time to Train with Marc Today!

Dog training is as much about the owner as it is the dog. That is why it is so beneficial to learn from those that understand how to guide the dog owner as well as the puppy. From learning about animal behavior to teaching your pet how to be a productive member of the family, it is helpful to learn from someone that can give you insight into what makes dog training successful.

Marc Goldberg is a certified dog trainer that has co-written several published books on dog training. He performs in-person dog training from his Little Dog Farm in the Chicago area, and can provide almost all of the same services through Zoom. 

Marc works with dogs at all stages of life, and with all behaviors. Marc’s dog training includes, but is not limited to:

  • New Puppy Training – Getting a new puppy is exciting. It is also a great time for training your new puppy to be a part of the family. Marc is able to provide new puppy training to introduce your dog to what life is like in your home. 
  • Basic Obedience Training – Dogs enjoy obedience training. It helps them know their place in the family, and teaches them how to get positive feedback and bond with their owner. Marc can provide obedience training for adopted dogs of all ages. 
  • Advanced Obedience Training – If you are looking for something more, Marc can provide more advanced obedience training that can train your dog to be more well behaved, responsive, and –  ultimately – happier overall. 
  • Separation Anxiety Training – When you have a healthy relationship and your dog feels secure, they will not mind when you leave for a few hours. If your dog is struggling when you are not home, Marc can help you work through the separation anxiety.
  • Dog Aggression Training – Dog aggression can be a serious problem. But it is also rarely an issue with the dog. Their behaviors can be due to past trauma, problems with previous training, and so on. Marc can provide strategies to reduce aggression and improve the behavior of your dog.
  • Leash Training – Dogs need walks. Humans need to enjoy those walks. Marc is able to provide training for dogs to walk with you on a leash – and can also show you how to teach your dog how to walk safely off leash as well. 

You can also call if you’re having issues with canine anxiety, housebreaking your dog, or if your dog is showing destructive behaviors or separation anxiety when you’re away.

Marc is available to help you with specific training challenge, provide more generalized dog training help, or for refresher courses if you haven’t been able to keep up training with your pet. Marc is also able to help with multi-dog households, training more than one dog at a time or teaching you how to introduce new dogs to the family.

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Marc Goldberg has, literally, written the book on dog training. He’d love to meet your dog and help you give your furry family member all the tools it needs to fit into your home.

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