Dog Aggression Training

Virtual Training for Dog Aggression on Zoom

Dog Training for Aggression with Expert Marc Goldberg

An aggressive dog – whether he is aggressive towards other dogs, people, cars, or animals – is a serious concern. Your dog feels stressed and fearful, and can therefore put your family or other animals at risk. At the same time, living with an aggressive dog can keep you on edge rather than letting you simply enjoy your relationship with your dog.

Marc Goldberg is a certified dog trainer who has helped thousands of dog owners who are dealing with aggressive dogs, leash reactive dogs, dogs who are resource guarding, and more. With today’s technology, he is able to share his training with people anywhere in the world through Zoom and other video platforms. Fill out the contact form and start improving your dog’s manners with private virtual dog training.

How Marc Goldberg Can Help with Aggressive Behaviors

Dogs may be aggressive for a number of reasons. Often, the behavior is a result of poor training, lack of socialization, or fear that leads a dog to send warning signals and fight back. An aggressive dog may bark, growl, snap, or bite as he tries to protect himself or his resources. Aggression can be connected to:

  • Certain People, Animals, or Things – Based on past experiences or fear, a dog may not like to be around other dogs, animals, cars, bikes, children, or other specific stimuli and will become defensive or anxious when they are near.
  • Resource Guarding – When your dog establishes ownership over food, toys, spaces, or you, he may try to defend the object if he fears it will be taken away.
  • Leash Reactivity – A form of aggression that occurs on leash, this can involve your dog feeling trapped on a leash and barking or lunging in response.

Marc will first understand what your dog’s aggression looks like in order to deliver personalized instruction on how to modify the behaviors. Our goal is to help your dog feel more confident and less stressed around his triggers. Our professional dog training will also give you the tools to teach and reinforce the correct behaviors.

The number of virtual sessions will vary based on the severity of your dog’s aggression and how well he responds to training. Some issues can be solved in as little as 1 session. Others may need 2, 3, or more. Since aggression can often go along with other behavioral problems, we can also cover obedience training in a customized training plan if necessary.

Address Dog Aggression – Get Start with Virtual Training Today

If living with an aggressive dog has been an ongoing challenge in your life, now is the time to take the first step towards achieving a perfect, well-behaved dog without you constantly having to worry about snapping or biting.

Marc Goldberg’s years of experience and proven techniques can work for your dog even where other methods may not have been successful. Learn more about our approach to training and tell us about the aggression issues you are working with by filling out the form on the right.