Separation Anxiety Dog Training

Solving Dog Separation Anxiety with Marc Goldberg, CDT

Virtual Dog Training for Separation Anxiety with Marc Goldberg

We love our dogs, but we also cannot spend 24 hours a day with them. When your dog has separation anxiety, the moments you spend away from him can be stressful for you both. Your worried dog can become destructive, have accidents in the house, bark and whine, and become unhappy even when you are around as he worries about when you will next leave.

Marc Goldberg, CDT, offers dog training over Zoom and other video platforms for puppies and dogs who experience separation anxiety. Our training will cover progressive exercises that will reduce your dog’s anxiety and any related problems. Start fixing dog separation anxiety by filling out the form on the right.

How Virtual Dog Training Can Help with Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs is almost always treatable as long as you have the right techniques. During a training session, Marc can share with you everything you will need to help your dog remain calm even when you are gone while you also improve your bond with your dog. The approach you take will be tailored to your and your dog, but concepts we may discuss include:

  • Setting Boundaries – Your dog should not be glued to your side when you are home and instead feel comfortable. You will set healthy boundaries for you and your dog.
  • Crate Training – If you use a crate, we will talk bout how the crate can help you manage separation anxiety.
  • Coming and Going – Your dog responds o your emotions. We will guide you in displaying the right emotions when you leave the house or come home to keep your dog calm.
  • Building Confidence – We may discuss ideas for helping your dog become more confident in every area of his life so he experiences less fear at the thought of you leaving.
  • Starting Small – We will walk you through the process of starting to leave your dog alone for short periods to getting comfortable with extended absences.

Many puppy and adult dog owners get everything they need from 1 remote training session to start reducing separation anxiety, but we can also schedule multiple if you have more questions or want to work on additional issues with Marc.

Help Your Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety with Online Training

Separation anxiety is a challenge for you and your dog, but you can help your dog overcome it. Marc Goldberg uses over 5 decades of experience in dog training to provide in-depth guidance for making your dog more confident and relaxed. Our training is offered via Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Messenger, or another video app you prefer with sessions available 7 days a week.

Tell us more about your dog in the contact form and we will contact with you with more information to get you started.