Leash Training

Expert Loose Leash Walking Training from Marc Goldberg

Stop Leash Pulling, Lunging, and More with Online Dog Training

Walking with your dog can be a wonderful experience. You both get a chance to take in nature around you and get some exercise. But if your dog is pulling, lunging, or barking, walking will more likely be a nightmare.

Leash walking, or the purposeful walk, is one of the key skills that Marc Goldberg teaches with virtual dog training. His practiced approach to leash walking which works with almost every dog can help you transform walk time into a rewarding experience with a dog who behaves well on leash and off.

How We Teach Leash Walking Virtually

There is some counterintuitiveness to training leash walking virtually. The trainer will not be able to handle your dog personally or really watch you handle your dog in a walk environment.

But the reality is that we do not need to. We will show you the skills you need to teach your dog loose leash walking and help curb leash aggression, and give you the exercises you can use to reinforce leash manners.

Once we understand how your dog is acting on walks, we will provide personalized advice for your specific situation so you can:

  • Maintain your dog’s attention during a walk.
  • Stop your dog from pulling on the leash.
  • Keep your dog calm around other dogs.
  • Stop your dog from reacting to people, bikes, and other stimuli.
  • Maintain a heel and loose leash on walks.

Depending on your dog’s current walk behavior and your goals, we will generally recommend a leash, training collar, and potentially an e-collar, as well as treats for positive reinforcement, to put our training exercises into practice.

Marc can provide leash walking training as a single service, or make it part of full obedience training to encourage good behavior everywhere your dog goes. If you have specific concerns when walking your dog, such as leash aggression or a goal of off-leash walking, we will work with you on specific solutions that meet your needs.

Get Started with Virtual Dog Training

As a certified dog trainer, Marc Goldberg has trained thousands of pets over several decades. His unique and innovative methods are effective for almost any dog and owner, and are highly effective for remote dog training. With virtual training through the video platform of your choice, you can benefit from the same strategies and customized information from an expert dog trainer.

Share information about your dog and training needs with us through the form at the right, and Marc will get back with you shortly to let you know more about our programs and schedule your first training.